Generic induction standard mining induction

Undertaking and successfully completing this course will provide students with the following six units of competency, commonly referred to as the S11, or Standard OHSA are one of the largest and most regular providers of this course.

This course exceeds the requirements of most other interstate mining induction requirements however you should always check first with the mine about any specific requirements they may have. This course covers both coal and metalliferous mines.

generic induction standard mining induction

The Standard 11 Mine Safety Induction Surface course is delivered face-to-face over 2 days, whereby upon successful completion of the written and practical assessments during the course, you will receive a Statement of Completion and a plastic Standard 11 Induction photo ID card enabling you to commence work on the mine site.

On successful completion of the on-site verification workbook, students will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for the relevant units of competency, in addition to their full ID card which, at this stage, lasts for 5 years.

This 2-day course is run regularly in-house and is open to the public and can be undertaken in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast during weekdays and weekends. We also run regional and interstate locations. See our training calendar to find the next course in your location. Queensland has 41 open cut and 13 underground coal mines. Saleable coal mined in increased from There are a further 45 significant mineral mines in Qld and a further 36 Advanced Minerals Projects.

Closed shoes must be worn during the course and students will need to bring long sleeved clothing for the firefighting exercise and assessment. Students will need sufficient physical ability to attend this classroom-based course, perform uninterrupted CPR continuously for 2 minutes on a mannequin on the floor and lift and carry approx.

Students should have sufficient literacy and numeracy to read and comprehend instructions for safety at the workplace. On successful completion of the training component, students will be issued with a Statement of Completion, along with a mine induction Initial ID card. Standard 11 Surface Mining Induction. Study Option.

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We did some research, a lot of ringing around and came up with the below list of what mine induction you need state by state to help get you on your way. The right mine induction on your profile can definitely put your nose in front, just tread with caution.

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Especially when the person telling you, you should get the course is the same person who is paid to run courses. To work in all other mines you WILL need a metalliferous induction. At time of writing, W. Metalliferous mines in NSW are all site specific inductions.

Standard 11 Generic Coal Induction (GI) - Surface

At time of writing, all inductions are site specific in the Northern Territory. This involves the same six criteria as the Standard 11, still the Standard 11 Induction will not qualify on BMA sites.

There is a bridging course between the BMA and Standard 11 inductions to help get you over the line.

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Disclaimer: Cribhut provides this information with the best intentions, but purely as a guide. Like most things in life, there are no guarantees. Your lively hood is your own responsibility and even if following the above recommendations, it is still up to you to do your own research, to be patient, persistent and put in the hard work. What Mine Induction for Queensland? What Mine Induction for the Northern Territory? What Mine Induction for Tasmania?

Standard 11 Mining Induction

Photo Credit daily sunny Cheers! The team at Cribhut.The industry-recognised Standard 11 Generic Coal Mine Induction Surface provides training on the skills and knowledge required for individuals working in surface coal mining operations.

This course meets the Queensland regulatory requirements for those working in or aiming to work in open-cut coal mining operations. On successful completion of this course, an electronic Statement of Attainment will be issued to participants. Training can be delivered at our training facility in Bowen or on site in a suitable training environment. On successful completion of the induction participants will be issued with a Statement of Completion SOC and a Site Verification Logbook that is required to be completed within 6 months of the training.

Once the completed logbook is returned and verified, a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment SOA will be issued. Make sure you find out what you need to know before enrolling in a course. Want to know important dates for your course? Check out our training calendar. Bowen, Townsville, Carins. No pre-requisites. Course Outcomes. Delivery Method. The standard 11 is delivered face-to-face by experienced industry trainers over 2 days.

Participants will be required to complete theory and practical activities and assessments.

generic induction standard mining induction

What to Bring. Please bring smoko and lunch as required. Workplace Requirements. Make sure you know all the facts Make sure you find out what you need to know before enrolling in a course.This 2-day entry level course provides participants with the skills and knowledge required to work on a surface coal mine site in Qld.

The course takes participants through the 6 key competencies that will give valuable knowledge regarding common safety practices of coal mines.

In addition to safety, our course will run the participants through a brief history of coal mining as well as the future of coal mining.

The Standard 11 S11 Training Course run in Brisbane, Townsville, or Onsite will give you all the basic information required to keep you safe on coal Mines and allow participants to gain access to Coal Mines in Queensland. In order to complete the course, participants must successfully complete the assessments during the course as well as provide a completed skills and experience form with supporting verifiable evidence of previous experience in mining or related industries.

If a participant is not able to produce this verifiable evidence, the participant will be issued a Statement of Completion at the end of the course and given a Standard 11 Logbook to complete. The participant has 12 months to complete this Logbook and return to WorkSafe Connect note, there is no additional cost if returned within this time frame.

WorkSafe Connect offers both the full course which requires 2 days of training as well as a refresher course which takes 1 day of training. Both the Standard 11 full course and Standard 11 refresher course are run often, so your training could take place this week.

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If you have any questions regarding which Standard 11 S11 course is most suitable for you then please get in touch with a member of the WorkSafe Connect team today. Need another date? A Standard 11 or Generic Induction is the training accreditation you require in order to legally work on a coal mine site in Queensland. For full details regarding the Recognised Standard 11, please follow the following link to the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy website:.

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You will need to do the Standard 11 or what has been known as the Generic Induction if you want to work on a Queensland coal mine.

In order to achieve your Standard 11 accreditation, you must complete a 2-day face to face training course. The course takes participants through the 6 key competencies that will give valuable knowledge regarding common safety practices on coal mines. The Logbook process set out above is standard practice across the coal mining industry with sites familiar with this pathway for those participants who are new to the mining industry. The Standard 11 S11 is the recognised training standard associated with the Queensland Coal Mining industry.

Currency of your Standard 11 relates to when you completed either your initial training course or a refresher — ie. If you completed your Standard 11 training 3 years ago then your Standard 11 remains current. If you do require a refresher of your Standard 11, WorkSafe Connect offers a 1 day Standard 11 S11 Refresher training course and full details regarding this refresher can be found by clicking on the following link:.

As set out in the Recognised Standard — Training in Coal Mines issued by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, refresher training under the mine training scheme must occur at least once in every five 5 years.

While the national units of competency associated with the Standard 11 S11 do not expire, similar to other competencies like CPR, your competencies must be refreshed in order to continue to legally work on a Queensland coal mine.

If you are heading to a BMA mine site then we do recommend to all participants to contact the BMA mine site in advance regarding what entry requirements they require — please do this prior to enrolling in this course.

For the balance of Coal Mines in Queensland — approximately 60 current operating mine sites — there is industry wide recognition of the Standard 11 generic induction S11 course which WorkSafe Connect offers.

If you have any questions regarding what course is the right one for you then please call us and we will be happy to work with you to make sure the course is suitable for your requirements. Our custom program focusses on safety leadership, problem solving and decision-making skills in situations of hazard identification and risk management and is facilitated by experienced, award winning and engaging trainers. Regardless of your background and experience we will work with you to identify the best pathway to completing this course and offer this program weekly in Brisbane and Townsville as well as onsite.

Upcoming Training Courses.Provides both experienced and inexperienced workers with a pathway from which they can enter the mining industry in Australia. This GI Course provides both experienced and inexperienced workers with a pathway from which they can enter the mining industry in Australia.

The GI program is the most universally accepted induction program in Australian mining. However, individuals and contractors should confirm induction requirements with the site they will be working on before attending an induction to ensure the process aligns with site processes and is recognised by site.

This course replaces the previous GIQ course and is in accordance with the recognised Standard 11 for training in coal mines, as set by the Queensland Mining Safety Inspectorate. The purpose of this course is to introduce participants to the following components of the mining industry:.

RIIERRE - Respond to local emergencies and incidents Prepare and respond to emergencies in a mine environment Students gain first-hand experience from our instructors with extensive industry expertise and work through a series of real life scenarios.

At the end of the two day course, participants who are deemed competent will receive a Statement of Attainment and GI Passport. The refresher period for the GI coal course is five years. This means individuals can refresh their induction at the discretion of mining companies, within a five year period. David had a great knowledge base and made the content actually interesting to learn. It was a very full-on two days doing the Generic Induction mining S11 course.

The instructor, Sam knew her topics very well and provided additional information which was very informative. The practical elements were excellent to learn from too. Select or change your region.

Melbourne Regional VIC. No region selected. Face to Face. Course Dates. Course Details.

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Course Price. Scroll down for dates and book now. Scroll Up To Book. Student Links. Places Available Book Now.The Standard 11, also known as the S11, equips coal mining industry workers with essential risk assessment and safety skills required to operate safely on work sites. The program provides workers with core skills of hazard identification and risk control prior to undertaking site-specific inductions.

It also provides core competencies towards accredited training. Specifically designed for the resources industry, the Standard 11 has been a recognised industry standard for almost 20 years and is nationally recognised and widely used by resource companies, contractors and labour hire firms.

The program aligns with Queensland-specific regulatory requirements for anyone working in, or wishing to work in, the Queensland coal mining industry. Our Standard 11 course is a 2 day course. Upon completion, you will be issued a Statement of Attainment with no log book work required. The balance of fees payable will be charged at a point in the course that is proportionate to the amount of the deposit paid, e.

Payment for this course can be made via SecurePay, cash, cheque or the Payment Plan option above. For billing information including who to write a cheque to, please email info hostsafetytraining. Flexible delivery allows the learner to study what they want and when they want through an interactive set of learning resources designed for self-paced progress. Interactive tutorials and peer support programs provide learners with personal assistance.

Web-based student notice-boards inform students of upcoming events and important announcements. For those who prefer the personal experience, we provide face-to-face delivery options. Facilitated by experienced professionals, these sessions are interactive, interesting, stimulating and exceptional value for money.

Contact us now for Corporate or Public bookings — Refund Policy Please refer to our student handbook for our policies and more information. Requirements Payment prior to course commencement — see terms and conditions in the student handbook. Training Location Prior to the course commencement, the training location will be discussed and outlined in the enrolment information.

Civil training may be conducted at the civil site and will be discussed prior to commencement. Delivery Modes Flexible Delivery Flexible delivery allows the learner to study what they want and when they want through an interactive set of learning resources designed for self-paced progress.

Mining Inductions | S123 | G2 | Online from $179* | Surface & Underground

Face to Face Delivery For those who prefer the personal experience, we provide face-to-face delivery options. Student Handbook Please refer to our student handbook for our policies and more information. Read more. All right reserved RTO: The Standard 11 covers essential safety and procedures training designed to keep you and other workers safe from injury and harm when working on site.

Select a page. Standard 11 Mining Induction. Book Your Standard 11 Here. Delivery : Practical and theory based activities.

Completion: Upon the successful completion of this course including completion of a skills and experience form with supporting evidence of previous experience, or completion of the Standard 11 log book a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment is issued. Eligibility: Must be 18 and have the ability to read and write basic English. RIICOMD — Communicate in the Workplace Identify, access and use work site communication systems and equipment, carry out work related communication, and complete written documentation.

Course Outline General mining overview Legislation General safety Managing workplace hazards Risk management Isolation and tagging procedures Traffic and mobile equipment procedures Emergency procedures Life saving first aid Fire fighting and fire prevention The environment The work process.

generic induction standard mining induction

Dump Truck Course. Are you job-ready? Mining Skills Identifier.

generic induction standard mining induction

Do you have the skills employers are looking for?